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Achievement, Confidence, and Encouragement (ACE)

The ACE Program is a customizable, mentoring program that provides logical building blocks for success.  Each participant gains a wealth of knowledge through workshops, group mentoring sessions, and occasional field trips. Virtual program delivery features help to ensure continual access to vital resources. 

As a Disabled Veteran of the U.S. Army, and champion of change, I believe that we can build self-sustaining, safe communities that host our future leaders. The brilliant minds of our youth need nourishment. We provide the tools for critical thinking, life planning, and emotional intelligence.

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We provide mentoring and community support services. Managing our programs takes a village. 

Please consider joining our village.

organization Highlights

2009 - Teen Sircles partners with George Mason University for a Goal Setting and College Readiness Workshop for Gear Up students at Fairmont Heights High School in Prince George's County, MD. 

Facilitated the Creating a Successful Image Workshop for 6th - 8th graders at the College of Southern Maryland.
2010- Teen Sircles works with Sankofa International to help fund the a girls' school in Ghana.

2011 - Mark Johnson recognized as one of the top humanitarians in the nation. Teen Sircles, Inc grows to more than 7,500 volunteers in 17 countries worldwide.

2012 - Teen Sircles members support the 1st Annual National Women of Power Summit in Washington, DC.
2013 - Sharon Cummings received the Black Women's Round Community Leader Award for community work in the Maryland area.

2016 - Sharon Cummings nominated and selected as a Changemaker, attending the 1st White House Sponsored State of Women Conference in Washington, DC.

Teen Sircles, Inc


Become a community partner and be a champion of change. Help us to change lives. Your support makes a difference.

Breaking Cycles, Building Sircles

Our Breaking Cycles program works with teens who have made decisions leading to the juvenile justice system. The goal of the program is to help non-violent offenders to avoid falling into the cycle of behaviors that lead to recidivism. Through mentoring, education, and esteem building we can help youth who want to create a positive path to success.


mission & vision

Encourage and empower youth through education, charitable endeavors, and exposure to cultural diversity as a foundation for personal growth, planning, and achievement.